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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas was busy this year... I felt it came so fast, and we felt anything but prepared. Luckily none of that pitty stuff really matters and it ended up being a perfect Holiday. 

We had a Christmas Party with my family on the Thursday before Christmas. It was a lot of fun, especially for the little ones. My mom made an awesome dinner... We wrote gifts to the savior, and sang lots of songs. When it came time for Santa to come, the kids pulled out the rhythm band and played all the tunes they could. He dropped off some fun gifts! And the kids loved seeing him. 

Fast Foward to Christmas Eve. Another party... The Leavitt Party is always on Christmas Eve and it is a tradition we love. First of all, Aunt Launa is an AMAZING cook, we had a great dinner, and then Santa came to give more presents. Every year, he brings us all matching pajamas and little goodies! It was a great night and E had fun with all the cousins. We then came home, put her to bed and hurried the last of wrapping and projects. Of course we had the movie "Christmas Vacation" playing... Such a classic and after all these years, it still makes me laugh! 

It was time for Christmas morning and THAT was a blast! Elsie is such a fun age and had an awesome Christmas! I don't know why we spoiled her so much... We could have used this year to shower ourselves with gifts I suppose but buying for her was much more fun. She definitely made out!! From a trampoline, to Minnie Mouse toys, barns, books, a bee backpack, clothes, shoes.... she loved it all!! J didn't do so bad himself. He got lots of clothes, a go pro, riding gear, and ..... A new bike! He has been wanting a bike for a couple years and I finally caved. Merry Christmas to him! Mama made out good too... Not as well as J, but I didn't have much I wanted this year. My list really struggled if I'm being quite honest. I told Jeff I wanted measuring cups, a whisk, a garlic presser and a pizza stone. Talk about not needing much right?! Being pregnant during Christmas made me boring and too lazy to want much!! Santa did surprise me with a new TV, lots of jewelry, new tires for my denali, a beautiful wire basket chandelier I wanted, and a vacuum which was more then I needed. And seeing the smiles on my families face is really what made my Christmas complete. 

I love Christmas and the spirit that comes with this holiday. I love giving. It really is so much more fun then receiving... I'm learning that as I get older!  I'm truly grateful for my Savior and the beautiful year we've had as a family. I am truly blessed! 

Marshall Family 2013.. 
Elsie 2 years old... Mom; 25 weeks pregnant! As beautiful as it gets people!! 
Fun game with my family
Playing the rhythm band waiting for Santa

Mom played, Elsie sang!
Me and my love on Christmas Eve! 
E excited for Santa to come!
My world!! Minus Diesel ;)
Leavitt Christmas Party! 
There's that belly!!

Christmas morning! 

The new 2014 Suzuki 450 bike!!
My TV and gorgeous chandelier!! 
The jumping that never ends
Loooooong Day!! 

Hope everyone had as beautiful of a Christmas as we did!!! Merry Christmas to all!!

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