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Jody and I have been married for 6 years now! We live a simple life, but it's a happy life. We've been blessed with our sweet Elsie who we adore each and every day. Here's to a blog of thoughts, memories, and who are we kidding, lots of Elsie!!
"People don't always remember what you say... They remember how you make them feel"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

...My Love...

I have noticed everyone's cute posts about expressing there love for there wonderful husband and can't help to express mine!
Jody is really the coolest husband in the world!! :) I know we all think that about our husbands and we should, but I love this man for so many reasons...
First of all, he is so sexy!! I have always been attracted to Jody ever since I was a little girl in recreation and he was my leader!! (Ha, we laugh about it now...and to bad he didn't find my braces and bad perm as beautiful as I saw him! :)

I LOVE his personality! He is so much fun and there is NOBODY like him... I LOVE it!! You never know what to expect each day, with his sporadic ideas and creativity but he really keeps it all exciting!! He says the most funniest and HONEST things that kill me and make me laugh so hard!!!
He can make me SOO mad in a matter of seconds!! (He purposely TRIES to get my goat, I swear!)... BUT he can also COMFORT me in a matter of seconds as well! I can be so upset about something and he always has the right thing to say, or do to make me feel at ease! He has always been so CALM about every tough situation and tries to look at the point of view of everyone! He is ANYTHING but selfish.. and is always thinking of everyone first and mostly for my best interest!
He is SUCH a hard worker!! He has so much ambition, drive and passion for what he does and works so hard so we can live a great life!
He is such a softy!! It might surprise you but as tough and manly as he is... he is so caring and thoughtful! He will do anything or give anything to the ones he loves... and kids melt him away!! He is so great with all of them and I know he is going to be such an AMAZING Father one day!!!

More importantly, He truly amazes me everyday with his unconditional love, and his willingness to forgive so easily! He has so much heart and cares for so many people and always makes sure I know how much love he has for me!! There's never a time when work, hobbies, or just life comes in front of what's important... Family and the Gospel! He has such a strong testimony and honors his priesthood ever day! He is my life and I'm thankful that after 3 great years, I still can't wait for him to come home from work, or come home from a business trip to just to hear about his day and be next to! He is truly my Best Friend and I couldn't be more grateful to have such an AMAZING partner by my side for all eternity, and for the love and relationship that we have!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No More Breakdowns

As I was driving home today from running around some errands, I started to really think how grateful I am for such a great life!! I feel so blessed in so many ways and I'm truly humbled to be here in Mass with my wonderful husband....

Things started out a little rough... Our second day here (Tuesday), I dropped Jody off at work, drove home and.... CRIED!! It wasn't just a quick cry either... I'm talking about some SAD TEARS!!! I think it had finally hit me that I wasn't just a drive away from family, friends and our play time together was over!! It was so nice having him over his own schedule and getting to play everyday! As the day went on...I tried to keep myself busy unpacking and wanted to remain strong for Jody so he could get in his groove and feel comfortable at work and not have to deal with his dramatic wife!!! ;) I really did okay and kept busy, but when he hopped in the car after work and started talking about the day... consider it done... I LOST it!! Him being the wonderful husband he is, let me put in a good cry that night, and really has tried to make sure I've been okay since!

Needless to say... we have come along way! :) We are really enjoying ourselves and since the breakdown... we have had a great BBQ with friends and were able to meet some neat people...had a great experience at church with friendly ward members, and are getting excited about getting in our new home and start seeing all the sites!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our adventure so far in Mass....

We are finally here in Boston! We are loving it!! We are enjoying all the changes but sometimes we feel we aren't even in the US with how different it is here! Everything your used to... Smith's, Albertson's, RC Willey's, Maverick Gas Stations (Ha.. Jody misses these) aren't here! People think we are so weird for asking where these things are, and we are thinking how crazy they all are!!! The hardest thing for me is dealing with NO....
I know WALMART can drive of us all crazy- The long lines, going in for one thing and coming out with $300 worth of goods but have you ever thought to yourself what you would do or where you would go without them? Well we are still trying to figure this out...We thought for sure walmarts were taking over the world and there had to be one here but there not! The only one here is in Plymouth and that is pretty far south from Boston!

Instead we go to... Super Stop & Shop! They don't compare to Walmarts and Jody is sad to not have an electronic section to go to while I do the grocery shopping but we are having fun with all the new changes!

Right now, we are staying in Milton in the company condo! It's a beautiful complex... It used to be a big mansion on this 23 acre estate, but then was purchased and converted into condo's and has beautiful landscaping all round!! There are always cute squirrels running all around and wild turkey's so we feel like we are out in the country!

Our Condo

Another bummer we had is our house!!! We were SO excited on Monday to go drive by our house and see how beautiful it really was! We drove by and about died! It was SO GHETTO! I think the guy took pictures right after he built it in 2007 and it definitely didn't look like that! It was hammered! Luckily, we will be getting our deposit back so we aren't out there! But the exciting news is we found a new place and we couldn't be more excited!!!
Spinnaker Island
The Bridge to our Island

The location and views are perfect!!!

Nantasket Beach... It's a really nice and popular beach and we live 2 miles away :)

And the cool part is we can drive or... take this 20 minute ferry ride to downtown Boston to go enjoy the city life!!!

So everything has worked out so perfect for us once again!! We were really down about our house at first, but are SO grateful in a way that it didn't work out!! I will take some pictures of the inside when we move in Oct. 3rd and I get my bright coastal decor all up and looking nice!!! We couldn't be more excited about being here and moving to Spinnaker!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The time has finally come...

We are on our way.... Jody and I fly out on Sunday at 9:45 am!! We are so excited!!! We will be staying in a company condo in Milton, MA until our house is available and the movers arrive on Oct. 1st!! I can't believe it's finally here and how perfectly everything is working out!! I will try to get pictures uploaded of everything as soon as possible so you can all see the beautiful state of Mass! Hope everyone keeps doing great and hopefully it won't be to long until we are back visiting great friends and our wonderful family! :)