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Jody and I have been married for 6 years now! We live a simple life, but it's a happy life. We've been blessed with our sweet Elsie who we adore each and every day. Here's to a blog of thoughts, memories, and who are we kidding, lots of Elsie!!
"People don't always remember what you say... They remember how you make them feel"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

We had a wonderful weekend.. It started at the new "Discovery Children's Museum" that's in Las Vegas. E had a ball. I have to say, it made me want to be a kid again... It was impressive. I relaxed mostly while J did all the running around, going down slides, and getting wet in the fountains with E. He won Dad of the year that day! Needless to say, we'll be back! Great Day!!

Her facials say it all... Safe to say she enjoyed herself :)

Sunday we went to church and kept it pretty casual. Visited some friends, played outside, the usual Sabbath Day.

Monday we spent time with family and went to the Logandale Cemetery to visit our grandparents. It's nice having both set of grandparents in the same cemetery. Makes it easy to do our annual visit and pay our respects to them.

C and E keeping each other company

Fun at Grandma's

Logandale Cemetery 

We miss these guys!!! My Grandpa- He was an amazing man. Died conquering the world, and loving all who was apart of his life. My Grandma was the definition of supportive!! I can't imagine being the wife of a man who was involved in all he was. The time he was away from home helping others in need, building the community, and sharing the gospel. She is a hero in my eyes. Grandma Thella- Oh how I wish I could have met her, at least once. She was the salt of the earth I always hear. She was a woman of strength. And Grandpa Bill. The stories of Grandpa Bill. I've been married to J for almost 7 years, and it seems theres always a new story to be shared. Jody misses him desperately. DESPERATELY! He being the only Father figure J has ever had, he misses him for so many reasons. He passed while J was on his mission.. Right at Christmas time, his first year. I know he would be proud of J and the man he has become. We can't wait to see them again and are grateful for the examples they all were in our life. 

 Bowler Family 2013 (minus Nate's family and Grant)

 Oh.. and E got a new bike!! We found too good of a deal online to pass up, so we bought it now. Dad is stoked. Moms not happy. Dreading the day she suits up to ride solo. Won't be long.. but she will love it. Dad takes care of her. Thanks Dad!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Making a Promise to Myself

This week I've been a little crazy.. Blaming it on- I'm not feeling well; stupid cold... maybe things not going our way, or always hormones?? it is that time :/ .... Who knows! I've been a little short, a little impatient, and maybe a little selfish.

Thursday night, I had the worst sore throat I think I've ever had. I woke up in tears from the pain to swallow, it was excruciating... It seemed to get better as the day went on. Friday, I was tired.. still feeling weak, but feeling on the mend. E had an eye appointment in St George at 3:30 that afternoon. I debated over and over about canceling... Excuses were; the drive, her eye really isn't that bad, whats another couple months, I don't want to go alone and so on. I called to reschedule and it would push us back to August to have the simple procedure done. I didn't want her to wait that long so I decided we would go.

I had hair that morning, still feeling weak, J was having a day at work that was adding stress to a stressful day, but thankfully E was being a total gem. We've had a couple bad weeks of temper tantrums and whining, but Friday was a good day. Every day since has been a good day.. I am thankful.

We hurried to get out of the door in time.. seems like we never make it.. but we were right on schedule. As we were driving to her appointment, I had my mother in law who was anything but sober... pushing me to my limits, and getting me that much closer to my boiling point. Then J called to vent his stressful day of work on his supportive, ready to scream, wife. I finally got off my phone and looked back to check on E.. She had decided to squirt her bottle of milk, just entertaining herself and playing of course on her new, clean, cute clothes. I grabbed the bottle and snapped!!!!! Yelling... "NO!!!!! WE DON'T DO THAT!!!" With that motherly finger point and a beyond angry stern face, ripping the bottle from her hands... I was driving so my face was back on the road. I threw the basically empty bottle on the passenger seat. I had hit my limit.... After a minute or so, I look back at E.... I still see her face as it was... Sad, Heartbroken, Scared, Red, Water Filled Eyes, with a quivering lip. She didn't cry. She wanted to. I wanted to. I looked back to the road and back at her, still looking at me with THAT look.

As I'm typing this now, my eyes fill up with tears. My heart broke. Here I had taken EVERYTHING that had made MY day absolutely frustrating, out on this sweet girl who simple didn't even know what she was doing was not okay. She had been nothing but good to me and that's how I reacted to literally spilt milk...

Reading this, doesn't do it justice. May seems so silly, may seem like I never yell at E. I do. Plenty. But the moment was real, and I was touched to put things in perspective and learn from it.

I made a promise that day.. I KNOW I will have a day like this again... It happens. It's life. But I pray I will try my best to never take out the stupid everyday events that get the best of me, out on this sweet girl. She doesn't deserve it. No one deserves it. Not a kid, not a spouse, not a mother, no one. As hard as some days may be, not having her would be harder. It's obvious I love her more than anything.. I love J more than anything.. Without them, life would be lonely and boring. They are my world and whether days or good... or days are bad.. they deserve my best!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

18 months of Elsie...

Can't believe my baby is almost 20 months!! She is the sweetest thing one second, and a straight fireball the next. It's amazing how really, overnight, she has become a little person and we are kissing the baby phase goodbye. I definitely miss those days, but I look forward to having this little gal grow into something great! 

We went to the doctor's for her 18 month check up a month late, but she's still healthy and right where she should be... always a relief for a first time Mom :)

-33.5 inches tall
-25.5 pounds
-19 inches for her beautiful head :)

New Words
-Thank You

Favorite Things
-Finding Nemo .... STILL.. Grrrrrrr!!!! So over it!!
-Razor Rides
-Anything with dipping sauce
-Hiding in Mom's shoe closet to go poop!
-Blow Bubbles in the pool or bath
-You Tube Songs

Love this little thang most days... today it was hard too... but grateful for her and her little spit fire attitude!!! :) WE LOVE YOU, Elsie Kate!!!!