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Jody and I have been married for 6 years now! We live a simple life, but it's a happy life. We've been blessed with our sweet Elsie who we adore each and every day. Here's to a blog of thoughts, memories, and who are we kidding, lots of Elsie!!
"People don't always remember what you say... They remember how you make them feel"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ethan's Blessing...

We had a great weekend with my family! Ethan's baby blessing was this Sunday, so my family all came up for that! Shellie and Nathan also flew out from Jersey and it was SOO good to see them! We hadn't seen them since August... so it was time! It was a quick trip but we enjoyed every minute with them all...
Ethan James


Nate, Jody, and JeffAunt Shellie, Madison, and Becca

Becca and Abbie playing candyland :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We Made It....

Supercross was a crazy adventure this year...but we made it! We thought we had everything planned out, but of course things never seem to go that way!

Saturday, Jody flew in from LA to Las Vegas at 6:30 to barely make the event! We we're really excited that everything had worked out in our favor so we could make it this year! Jody's flight was a little late getting in so we weren't able to get to Sam Boyd til 7:30ish. We hadn't missed much but we hurried to park and purchase tickets!!
SOLD OUT BABY!! Really?!? Every year there are millions of scalpers trying to sell there tickets for cheap and we have always had luck in doing so! After walking around for a good 10 minutes trying to find tickets... we found an older black man who was selling the last ticket anywhere to be found!! He wanted $100 for a $25 ticket! Absolutely ridiculous!!!... But of course we paid it! I went through security, as nervous as could be ....went by the smoker gate (which was not where I wanted to go) to slip Jody the same ticket... There's definitely one thing I can't do and that's being sneaky or doing anything shady thing!! My face says it all and I look guilty before I even make the sin... I finally handed it over to him and went over by security to wait.... He went through security the second time with the same ticket...and of course it didn't read and started beeping!!!! He hauled in and caught up to where I was... asked me if anyone was chasing him but luckily he got in safe so we finished the night watching a great Supercross race!! Lesson learned... but had a great time!! SuperCross 2009