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Jody and I have been married for 6 years now! We live a simple life, but it's a happy life. We've been blessed with our sweet Elsie who we adore each and every day. Here's to a blog of thoughts, memories, and who are we kidding, lots of Elsie!!
"People don't always remember what you say... They remember how you make them feel"

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Halloween was awesome this year. Elsie dressed up as Elmo (surprise) and she loved wearing her costume. Me and Jody were lame parents and didn't dress up, and I decided next year we are going to. Makes it more fun! 

We went to the local carnival the week before and Elsie had fun there. It was pretty weak, but kids love anything and it was fun seeing her have a good time! 

We then went trick or treating at the trunk or treat at the Fair Grounds! That was fun... Cold but fun! She couldn't say "Trick or Treat" so she kept saying "More!" They usually caved to her sweetness. After we headed to Aunt Launas for another round of pumpkin dinner and to end the night with family. We had a blast and Halloween has become a new favorite Holiday now that I have a little person to share it with!!! 

We also had our traditional family pumpkin dinner and Grandma and Grandpa Bowlers! It was a great meal as usual and always fun to be with all my family! 

Three Halloweens down, many more to go! 

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